Blake Moorhouse | Graphic Designer, logo designer, Illustrator and Rebranding Designer

Where it All Started

In a relatively short career, Blake Moorhouse has built a global reputation in design and branding that is well beyond his years. Blake was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe and design & illustration were definitely in his blood. Blake’s first job was working for his father’s company, as a Graphic Designer. Throughout his schooling Blake won many creative drawing and coloring competitions and prizes in various classes for his creative ability. In High School, his skills and abilities were quickly identified and recognized by the student body and staff, to the extent that the school made special arrangements to allow him to take multiple related subjects in the study fields of art & design and design & technology as it was evident that this was the area he would excel. He was also the first recipient of his schools Design & Technology trophy, subsequently named the Moorhouse Design & Technology Award.

Blake Moorhouse is a graphic designer, Illustrator and Logo designer for information security, cyber and technology businesses looking to rebrand.

Experience & Education

In 2003 Blake started a new graphic design company which he was partnering. He developed his skills and abilities in graphic design in the commercial industry of signage design, vehicle graphics, product packaging, brand development and corporate identities. In May 2006 he began freelancing full-time generating his own client base and expanding his skills and abilities into new graphic design disciplines to include print design, marketing material and web development. During this time, he was retained by McMillan Education to Illustrate Artwork for several of their national book publications. In April 2007 he was selected to design for several Licenced Apparel Brands such as Land Rover, Transformers and TMNT. He was selected as the winner for numerous of T-shirt Graphic Design Competitions and Awarded a Certificate at a continent-wide event (Sign Africa ‘08) for “Recognition of Exceptional Skills Shown in the Art of Creative Designing” and his vehicle branding skills were also being recognized internationally by the WRC (World Rally Championship) Citroen Rally Team when was responsible for their teams branding and vehicle graphics.

Blake Moorhouse is a graphic designer, Illustrator and Logo designer for information security, cyber and technology businesses looking to rebrand.

Moorhouse Media was Born

In 2007 Blake had successfully founded his own graphic design agency called Moorhouse Media which today offers a comprehensive range of design services to clients around the world who require expert assistance in developing their brands graphics. He personally managed and designs every aspect of every design project from start to finish with his comprehensive range of graphic design skills and abilities that he has developed over his career. Regarding logo designs alone, he has designed the logos currently in use today for over 350 separate companies and brands around the world, forming the basis of each company’s entire corporate marketing and branding ethos. In recent years he has been retained by a few International and US based Cyber and Information Security Companies to assist in the visual communications development of numerous assets for training and operational support programmes.

Blake Moorhouse | Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Rebranding Designer

Having made a name for himself in the design and branding industry, with the success gained through working with many reputable information security, cyber and technology brands, Blake was able to carve out a niche in offering his logo design & rebranding skills to help companies and brands that have outgrown their current corporate identity and need to update and refresh their brand image to stay current, relevant and better represent their new corporate stature. Blake Moorhouse now lives in British Columbia, Canada with his wife, Kathryn Moorhouse.

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